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Erwin Center: Living on Borrowed Time

UT is getting a new school of medicine, and it looks like the Basketball complex will be torn down.


The UT System Board of Regents is meeting in Austin this week and the proposed master plan for the Dell School of Medicine is finally officially on the agenda. It appears that the plan includes the demolition of the Frank Erwin Center and Cooley Pavilion.

EDIT: It became official this afternoon with this press announcement

The proposal calls for a three phase buildout and would stretch all the way from the Mike Myers track stadium south to 12th street. The build-out will include a Seton hospital, academic and research buildings as well as a cancer center.

Apparently the first phase will be the medical campus and hospital where the Penick-Allison Tennis Center now stands.

The Erwin Center and Cooley Pavilion are listed as "middle-term use" facilities, which means they won't be removed for 6-15 years.

At first UT denied that the Erwin Center was on the chopping block, but the plan being put in front of the Board of Regents clearly shows its removal.

UT Medical District Master Plan P.167

No word yet on where UT basketball will move, but there have been rumors that one possible site is on the east side of IH 35 in the Mueller Complex.