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RIP to the greatest DE in NFL history. Member of the Fearsome Foursome. Coined the term "sack."

When they change the rules of the game itself to limit your dominance, little more needs to be said. Jones was an all-time giant of the game, but he was also one of its great characters, as evidenced in these two clips.

Advance warning - not for the PC crowd.

The first clip, narrated by NFL Films great Jon Facenda, was one I first saw with my older brother when I was around ten years old. We fell into fits of laughter that lasted for hours. And still quote a line from it to this day.

Can you identify the Deacon Jones aside that I'm talking about?


Tell it, Deacon.

The second clip is NSFW, but gives you some idea of the colorful nature of Mr Jones, as a storyteller and in his general ability to talk nonsense. Courtesy of Jay Mohr and his Mohr Stories podcast. Advance to 6:00 to save time on the build up. Setting the scene: Deacon is hosting a scholarship award luncheon for disadvantaged youth. When Jay decides to ask Deacon about the scars on his legs.

Give St Peter a head slap if he says you're not on the list, Deacon.