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Connor Brewer to Transfer

The Longhorns' QB depth chart takes a hit.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Per ESPN and basically everyone else, backup QB Connor Brewer has elected to transfer to another program. No destination has been announced as yet, but speculation centers on him heading back West - perhaps to Arizona or UCLA.

By all reports, Connor is a great kid who represented himself and the program well at every opportunity after serving as a major advocate for Texas during his recruitment. Hopefully he's able to find a more favorable depth chart situation wherever he lands - as he'd already been passed by a true freshman in Tyrone Swoopes and was looking down the barrel of Jerrod Heard likely bumping him to an effective #4 in 2014, Connor's decision to look for greener pastures was pretty straightforward.

As Swoopes seems set for #2 duties and is the likely owner of his own read option-based play package for 2013, this news doesn't do too much to alter Texas' 2013 prospects. It does mean that Case McCoy should return from his missionary position to still have a position on the Texas depth chart - the only way that dude could have more lives is if he hit Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start on a Konami game. It seems unlikely that the coaches will move Jalen Overstreet back to QB at this stage, but I suppose anything's possible.

Connor - good luck. David - stay healthy.