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Mack Brown Hires Greg Robinson

Mack Brown brings former co-DC Greg Robinson back to the 40 for a role in the player personnel department.

Gregory Shamus

The University of Texas quietly announced this evening that Mack Brown had hired former co-defensive coordinator Greg Robinson for the position of football analyst in the player personnel department.

The press release spins Robinson's role as that of a consultant who will handle quality control evaluation for the team and assist in video review and scouting.

Robinson is also quoted at length as saying that he's not there to look over defensive coordinator Manny Diaz's shoulder. To wit:

In (defensive coordinator) Manny (Diaz's) case, I don't want it in any way for him to feel like he has someone looking over his shoulder at all. That's not what I'm there for. I don't want to in any way inhibit him or any of the coaches. Mack and I talked about that, and that was important to me. I want these coaches to know that I'm there for them and just to be helpful and provide any information I can find, to review, study and provide them data that they'll have access to. That was really important to me and Mack agreed that was the right way. That's how I see this working.

Brown and Robinson can say whatever they want, but many (including perhaps me) will wonder if Robinson's role will eventually morph into that of an adult accountability partner for Diaz. On the one hand, hiring a former coach with a wealth of experience for this role makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, the particular choice is a tad curious. Robinson is obviously in the Mack Brown trust tree, but his previous service as defensive coordinator in 2004 is bound to produce a few furrowed brows given the heat on Diaz to substantially improve the defense over last season's disastrous performance.

Since leaving Texas after the Rose Bowl win over Michigan, Robinson had an unsuccessful tenure as head coach at Syracuse (2005-2008) and a two-year stint as the defensive coordinator at Michigan (2009-2010). Robinson also coached for 14 years in the NFL, including 10 years as a DC at various stops. He ran the defense in Denver for the Broncos' back-to-back Super Bowl titles in 1997-1998.

Brown also said that the Robinson hire rounds out the staffing for the player personnel department.