Hello, UT basketball Sisyphus here

Jamie Squire

Life as a Texas Longhorns basketball fan is often an exercise in frustration for a variety of reasons.

For starters, there's enough of us to fill most of a small pontoon boat from April to whenever the football team's bowl game is over - don't believe me, check the default SBNation tag inserted's to the football page - so it's not like we're overflowing with colleagues to commiserate with two-thirds of the calendar year. Even when the basketball team is really good (I swear, it happened not too long ago) the most likely basketball topic you'll see on a UT forum is something like "What kind of TE would Kevin Durant make?" or "Have we hired Shaka yet?". That's usually followed in March by "Why can't Barnes make the Final Four every other year?" or "Barnes sucks" (OK, I'll give them that one).

In other words, in-depth analysis on the basketball team is usually in short supply(other than Peter Bean & Jeff Haley's excellent year-end breakdown and the work of Tim Preston at IT) but the WHARRGARBL of the football-centric UT fan is a perpetual motion machine of anger & generally unrealistic expectations. So here I am, a UT basketball fan forged in the fires of Tom Penders' early 90s skunkworks project, trying anew to roll that boulder-sized basketball up a hill, hopefully providing a little perspective/food for thought for those that wander by my posts before Barnes shoves the ball back down the hill by playing Felix 40 minutes/game for the entire season & leaving Croaker on the bench for talking to Sheldon McClellan on Twitter.

(look, made lay-ups!)

Be excellent to each other.

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