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Adrian Phillips at Big 12 Media Day

An important step in the Manny Diaz reputation reclamation project.

Scott Halleran

So, anyone else notice that the Longhorns sent David Ash, Trey Hopkins, Jackson Jeffcoat, and....Adrian Phillips?! - to Big 12 media day?

David Ash is our starting QB. Check.

Trey Hopkins is our best O-lineman. Check.

Jackson Jeffcoat is our best D-lineman and a probable 1st round draft choice. Check.

Adrian Phillips had a rough 2012 on a troubled Longhorn defense that performed particularly poorly at LB and Safety and he got gif immortalized against OU. Hmmm.

I think this is good news, actually. Because it tells me that the Adrian Phillips we knew and loved as a sophomore is back.

Phillips was one of my favorite players in his recruiting class and I confidently predicted that he'd be a multi-year starter for us. He played as a true freshman on special teams, started five games as a sophomore at CB and was a fixture in our nickel and dime packages (he finished with 43 tackles, 2 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles).

Naturally, I predicted a big year for him as starting junior safety. That did not happen. Phillips had a significant shoulder injury in 2011 that was a recurrent problem, even after the January, 2012 corrective surgery that forced him to miss that Spring. In 2012, he missed the last three games of the season and toughed through the earlier ones, despite some rough moments.

Amazingly, he still finished third on the team in tackles with 72 and had another pair of picks.

Now, the coaches send him to represent Texas at Big 12 Media Days. Instead of, say, Byndom, Diggs, or Dorsey. I don't think that just because he's polite and looks sharp in a polo shirt.

That tells me we should expect more of this:

Rather than this in 2013.

Looking forward to seeing a healthy Adrian Phillips in his final year at Texas.