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Nick Saban To Texas, OMG!

Shit just got not really.

Dave Martin

The Big Lead contends that it's plausible.

And I contend that the Big Lead is good at off-season SEO content generation using high value keywords. Next he'll have a Bleacher Report slideshow of the Top 10 Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tits. Actually, does anyone have that?

While I agree completely with his assessment of Nick Saban - mercenary, emotionally uninvested, more interested in applying The Process to restoration than the finished product; because program-building - the process itself - is more fulfilling to Saban than hoisting the actual trophy - his understanding of the dynamics at Texas are somewhat flawed.

Particularly the notion that we would utterly cede all control to Saban and that the university at all levels would fall into SERVE NICK ABOVE ALL dumb compliance like SEC lapdogs.

Texas is football-obssesed, but we're kind of into the academic thing a bit as well. We're sort of like less-chubby Michigan fans. Equally sanctimonious, but with cuter girls.

And DeLoss isn't making that - or any - hiring call, anyway.

Nevertheless, I want to see you all react to this, preferably in hysterical fashion.

For my part, I would gladly welcome Saban's mercenary little heart and would chuckle at the cloying questions lobbed at his first press conference.