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Oregon Football Facilities: Football Meets Danish Design

Check out the lowdown on Phil Knight's new Taj Mahal. They cleverly picked a rare sunny day in Eugene for their photos. 145,000 square feet and 68 million dollars later...

Other than the mural wall painting of Oregon players that looks like a 1970s community graffiti project in Spanish Harlem, this is pretty tight.


This mural is, like, for the PEOPLE, man!


Weight room. That's Brazilian hardwood.


Admit it. That's allsome.


Coach's meeting room.


Lobby. Street Agents register to your right.


Eat your enemies. Mad Dog is confused by the fruits and vegetables on offer. As well as "food groups" concept.


For coaches (and cheerleaders) only.


Locker room. Each locker houses a Guatemalan family responsible for equipment upkeep.


  • Each position meeting room has a 120 inch widescreen for film review
  • There's a 30 foot projection screen in another meeting room that, when retracted, reveals the field
  • All meeting room walls are black magnetic and can be written on with instant erasable pens
  • The player's lounge has 8 55 inch televisions and 6 gaming console
  • Player locker room benches face out instead of in, to promote interaction
  • Locker room doors slide into the frame - no walls in the locker room symbolism reinforced by design
  • The mirrors in the coach's locker room have embedded televisions within. So you can shave and catch up on USC film
  • The press conference room has theater seating and four, private 1 on 1 "confessional" booths (for NCAA investigators?)
We still the Joneses?