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Alabama #1 -- Big 12 nowhere to be found in top 10

'Bama and the SEC dominate the USA Today pre-season poll, while Big 12 teams are bunched in the middle.

Greg McWilliams

Alabama garnered 58 of the 62 first place votes to dominate the USA Today Pre-Season Coaches Top 25 Poll.

Second place Ohio State got 3 votes for the top spot, while Texas A&M - 6th in the rankings - collected the other first place vote.

The national perception of the Big 12 seems to be a league filled with good -- but not great -- teams. Oklahoma State, Texas and OU come in at 14-15-16 with TCU the fourth Big 12 team in the rankings at #20.

The SEC has five of the Top Ten teams (#1 Alabma, #5 Georgia, #6 Texas A&M, #7 South Carolina, #10 Florida).