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Welcome Back, Desmond Harrison

Daaaaamn. Now that's what an offensive tackle looks like.

Stacy Searels is a happy man today.
Stacy Searels is a happy man today.
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE


Watch the video here.

Our stud JUCO prize, Desmond Harrison, was finally cleared to practice today, where he spent one final day in shorts before he can throw on pads in tomorrow's practice and start throwing defenders around. Texas officials felt comfortable enough that his eligibility issue will be resolved or is essentially a non-issue moving forward because BYU had already certified his transcript. Either way, there are a lot of guys on campus that have to be elated with this news, notably David Ash, Stacy Searels, and our trio of stud running backs. There should be some epic battles to come in the next week between Big Dez and Jackson Jeffcoat, Cedric Reed, and our stable of talented young DEs.

The boys practiced in DKR this morning, working on two and four minute team drills -- plays that have to work in crunch time. LHN edits this stuff to give the fans a few nuggets while not giving those spying neighbors to the north anything fungible to work with. Still, you get a sense the guys are flying at full speed and each unit is getting it's share of wins.

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11 days to go...

Keep an eye out for the first batch of 2013 State of the Union previews coming later in the week.