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Ashton Dorsey to Transfer

It's a Das Boot-style depth chart depth charge that could make the Longhorns' defensive front a little more leaky.

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Bob Levey

Per Texas, Twitter and everywhere else, senior DT Ashton Dorsey is transferring from the program.

As Nickel noted in his depthy-chartzy piece, Dorsey hadn't been listed on the latest two-deep. The official word from Bellmont had been a 'calf injury', which is good confirmation for anyone who wasn't yet aware of the fact that the word from Bellmont is outright bullshit 90% of the time.

This is a kick in the jimmies from a quality depth standpoint, as Dorsey made more total plays last season than any other DT on the Longhorn roster. In Thinking Texas Football, we opined that:

Dorsey has shown the ability to shoot gaps and make plays, and also has the ability to win straight-up battles with opposing guards in convincing fashion...[Dorsey] missed four of the Longhorns' 13 contest through injury or suspension, which makes his lead in TFL's more impressive and also highlights the need to stay healthy and focused.

Looks like the focusness might have been a tad lacking. Over at IT, Senor Shuttlesworth relayed word that the coaching staff had been sweating over how Dorsey would handle an unsupervised summer, and those concerns may have been well-founded.

You need four DT's you can count on in the up-tempo world of the Big XII, and it helps if you can keep a power/pass rush combo out there at all times so you don't get gashed by the run or the pass during a no-huddle series. The onus is now on young Hassan Ridgeway to step up and offer a minimum of 200 quality snaps at 280 lbs this season, and the demands on Malcom Brown, Chris Whaley and Dez Jackson just got cranked up considerably.

Sorry for a Game Week downer - hopefully the balance of the week will bring some better news to keep us all amped up.