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Vince Signs a One Year Deal with Green Bay

Vince is getting one more shot - what can he do with it?


Per Josina Anderson on Twitter (which I can't link from work) and ESPN, which I can link but which doesn't have things updated from "negotiating" to "done deal", it is in fact a done deal - Vince has signed a one-year deal with Green Bay to back up Aaron Rodgers.

The utter ineptitude of Packers' backup QBs Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman no doubt played a big role in this decision - though there's also been a little talk that Green Bay wanted an 'in-house' mobile QB to help them prepare for an early-season slate that includes San Francisco and Washington.

Whatever the Packers' long-term view of Vince, it's at least refreshing that he hasn't been totally and utterly blackballed from the league as many had speculated after his phone didn't ring following his release from Buffalo.

Both Vince and Colt find themselves in situations where they aren't going to unseat the entrenched starter, but where they can learn a ton from some very smart offensive coaches and finally get some exposure to well-run organizations.

From a football standpoint, Vince can't replicate everything Aaron Rodgers can do in terms of downfield accuracy - but then again, this is probably true of the entire race of Man. The hope would be to show that he's in shape, perform well in the preseason, absorb everything he can from Mike McCarthy and company and then answer the bell if called on in the regular season. Regular season action is not out of the realm of possibility when you consider that after Bryan Bulaga's Sunday ACL tear, the Packers have two things at tackle - Jack and shit, and Jack left town. Even a wizard like Rodgers may have a tough time logging 16 games behind this bunch.

It's hard to imagine any vet in the league with more personal and financial motivation to perform well and earn one last shot as a starter. Here's hoping Vince can make the most of it.