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National press increasingly turning on Texas Longhorns Head Coach Mack Brown

The press is joining the rationals.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach says there is "panic in the streets of Austin".

Mark, there is never panic in the streets of Austin. We just quit going to games and hit the lake. We reserve our panic for the Internet (and the disco). More here.

Mack says: "You can look at it as panic. I'm trying to fix it. When you lose at Texas, you're going to be bashed. I accept it."


Texas is 24-17 since losing to Alabama in the national championship game after the 2009 season, but Brown had talked openly in before this season about high expectations, that this year's team could return the program to national prominence.

When you lose a LOT of games, you get bashed Mack. And that's fair.

Max Olson says reassigning Manny Diaz was a panic move. And a gamble.

...there’s nobody else left to scapegoat and no room for excuses. Now Mack Brown has to get the job done.

Stewart Mandel also had some thoughts. Nice lede.

Eight years ago this January in Pasadena, Calif., Texas and USC waged the most memorable national championship game of the BCS era. Back then, it felt as if Pete Carroll's Trojans might well "win forever," but Longhorns' quarterback Vince Young's last-second touchdown scamper on fourth-and-five from the eight-yard line ended USC's dynasty. It felt like Texas, being Texas, would keep reloading and rolling for as long as Mack Brown visited recruits in their living rooms.

This season, the BCS title game will return to the Rose Bowl on Jan. 6. While we're a long way from knowing which teams will play for the crown, we can safely say that the event will include neither the Longhorns nor the Trojans. In the wake of their respective Week 2 implosions, it's now a foregone conclusion that both will either be looking for, or will have recently hired, new coaches by that date. There's no point in sugarcoating the situations any longer, and there are no more excuses capable of explaining away the embarrassment at both schools.

Lat but not least, Brian Jones, who played a little linebacker at Texas gonna preach.

Many more articles to read. Use your Google to find them.

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