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Desmond Harrison Brings Attitude.

Forget the ball.  Look at the top of the screen.  h/t to Zach Greenberg.

I like this.  A lot.  Mostly for the last second of the play.  Yes, the player he's doing this to is a scrub.  But 90% of OL are content just to neutralize a defender.  The ones who want to finalize the play with an exclamation point by driving the defender into the dirt are the special ones.  Particularly when they're 6-8, 310 and move like power forwards.  It's called a mean streak and the Texas OL has been bereft of it since 2006.

And his celebration tells you all you need to know about what drives his motor.

By the way, I'm happy with our current pace in integrating him into the lineup.  The start 'em now crowd is missing the fact that he doesn't know a lot of our line rules or concepts yet, he's out of football shape, and it's going to take a little time for him to find his long legs.

A mental mistake is as sure a kill shot on a QB as getting physically whipped.

By conference play, we're going to see some shake-ups to the established order.  Bank on it.