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This Guy Is Heading Up The Texas Coaching Search - Titan of Corporate Communications, Jed Hughes

Korn/Ferry conveys a sophisticated understanding of media and brand reinforcement.

Scene: Filming of Korn/Ferry client solicitation video.  Intern with camera phone kneels, shaking head in disbelief, while Director of HR speaks to the talent...
"Jed when you're ready!  Just talk about Korn/Ferry and your specific role as a world leading executive athletics recruiter!  Quiet on set for the rainmaker."
Take 1

"Nice!  Love the energy.  A little less terror and discomfort and this time, let's try some words!  But definitely something we'll want to put up!"

Take 2

"No idea what you're talking about!  But you spoke!  Tremendous improvement.  Let's run it again.  This time, let's turn off the vibrator being humped by a hornet under your desk.  Had a smidgen of feedback over your nonsensical and meandering corporate babble.  When you're ready...3...2...1"
Take 3

"Was that alright?  Nailed it!  Especially when you ended the video asking us if it was alright.  Polished.  Now let's post all three confidence-shattering videos on this Youtube thing far from public scrutiny.  Eventually, we may even open up a FaceSpace MyBook account linked to Twiddles.  We also took out an ad in the Bergen County Daily Penny Shopper."
Jed is also a featured writer on The Bleacher Report, The Panda Express of sports writing.  A media vehicle which serves as a stronger argument against pure democracy than the Federalist Papers.  And a fine venue for an elite sports management practice seeking brand definition.  Jed has 23 medals for Hot Reads!
This search is in good hands.