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Vince Young files for bankruptcy

VY Forever anyway.

Jonathan Daniel

From Hou Chron.

Vince Young, the former University of Texas and NFL quarterback from Houston who has been involved in a pair of lawsuits stemming from financial issues that arose during the 2011 NFL lockout, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Attorney Brian Kilmer of Houston filed the petition last week in a Houston federal bankruptcy court on Young’s behalf, listing Young with estimated assets between $500,001 and $1 million and liabilities between $1,001,000 and $10 million. No specific details on Young’s assets and liabilities were immediately available.

People who give up on VY have been proven wrong more than a few times. He'll be back. We're actually working on some stuff with him.

VY Forever. TMMF.

More on this soon.