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Is the Charlie Strong hire in (cluster) flux?

A possible hang-up on Strong to Texas.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The issue of who'll coach the Texas Longhorns in 2014 has been high-drama since at least mid-September.

And the drama may not be over just yet.

It appears that not every i has been dotted, nor t crossed, on the Charlie Strong hire.   And one of those t's may get folks pretty cross indeed.  Per the Austin-American Statesman, there's a question as to whether Charlie Strong could bring defensive line coach Clint Hurtt with him to the 40 Acres.  The trouble with Hurtt is that he's currently the subject of a two-year show cause order from the NCAA due to his time on the University of Miami coaching staff during the Nevin Shapiro scandal.  The fact that Hurtt was the prime mover in getting possible #1 draft choice Teddy Bridgewater out of Florida likely accounts for Strong's eagerness to keep him around.  No one is suggesting that anything improper went down with Bridgewater's recruitment or that Hurtt or anyone else has been up to any shenanigans at Louisville, but a rabidly image-conscious place like Texas can't be too fired up about any coach carrying a show-cause with him to Austin.  There are also reports that Strong wants to meet with AD Tom Jurich and that some elements of Strong's Louisville buy-out may be at issue.

If this seems like a pretty significant part of the deal to not have gotten hammered out before announcing Strong to Texas, keep one thing in mind - Strong to Texas wasn't announced.  Strong to Texas was leaked, and just exactly who did the leaking and why becomes a very interesting question.  Haysoos at Inside Texas opines that the leak came from one or more big money guys who felt insufficient ardor for Strong and was looking to throw a wrench into the works.  If that's true, it would show a pretty disconcerting lack of unity among Texas power players behind the new coach.

This may all amount to nothing, and Strong could sign on the dotted line early next week and get to work on the 2014 recruiting class.

Or things could get very interesting.