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The Sack Race: Who will lead the Texas Longhorns?

What individual and which position group will win the sack race this year?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Longhorn defense is currently 8th in the country in sacks per game with 3.36.  Those sacks have been well distributed across the defense, but the defensive tackles have led the way with a Brown/Ridgeway combo that is the Big 12's best.

Here's the unit breakdown:

DT 14

DE 12

LB 7.5

DB 3.5

As for individual honors, the contest is wide open with two games remaining:

Brown 6.5

Ridgeway 6

Reed 4.5

Edmond 4.5

Bluiett 3.5

Davis 3.5

The most positive development in recent weeks is that Longhorn pressure has largely come from a base 4 man rush. That additional layer of coverage has allowed Vance Bedford to keep safeties deep while varying underneath coverages, allowing more numbers to hem in screens and the short passing game.  This defense isn't predicated on feast or famine blitz tactics that trade big plays for the opportunity to hit the QB.