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Texas Longhorns Basketball Cruises Against Lipscomb, 106-61

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Lipscomb's basketball team allowed us to answer a crucial question - what would happen if Barking Carnival had an open tryout for its readers, picked the best 10, had them practice for a month and then played Texas?

The answer: We'd lose by 45 points and the Longhorn walk-ons would play the last five minutes of the game.

There's not a ton to take away from a mismatch like this, but there were a few:

1.  We learned that Damarcus Croaker is transferring.  To his credit, he was at the game in the crowd wearing Horn gear and live-tweeting the action.  That's a first for me.  Good luck to him.

2.  Myles Turner is continuing to weaponize.  26 points, 9 rebounds, 6 blocks.  He altered another half dozen shots. Kevin Garnett type lateral movement.  He's going to be so good.

3. Holland played point well and it's increasingly clear that when Zeke returns, Holland will be our #2 PG in addition to starting at shooting guard.  Add in the steady play of Yancy and we'll probably be able to get Felix down to playing 15-20 minutes at 2, which is his sweet spot.  Holland created off of the dribble and looked a lot more confident trying to break down defense. 9 points, 8 big assists.

4.  The Longhorns had a season high 24 assists overall and moved the ball extremely well.  Yancy added 7 to Holland's 8, but everyone was making the smart, simple pass.

5. Open players shot the ball when they got the look, which is exactly what Barnes wants.  This team's tendency to overpass or unnecessarily reset the offense is maddening at times, but tonight they looked like the Spurs.  The opponent helped, but it we were in the correct basketball mindset.

6.  Jordan Barnett had his best game at Texas.  11 points, 4 boards, 2 steals.

7.  The walk-ons killed it.  Every single player on the Texas roster scored, including a kid that walked on this week. Congrats to those guys.