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Daylon Mack's Coal In The Stocking on Malikmas: TCU and LSU current favorites

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Malik Navidad got a small lump of coal in the stocking today when Gladewater DT Daylon Mack released his top two schools - and Texas wasn't included.

Given Mack's stated desire to play with Malik Jefferson, a pro-Texas family and the timing of his decommitment, it seemed likely that Texas would make the cut.  But was it a cut?  Apparently not.  Mack wants to visit Texas after the dead period and our staff will have every opportunity to make an impression on the big man.

My likely delusional pro-Texas take is that TCU and LSU both recruited Mack the hardest while he was committed to Texas A&M and this top two is respect for that effort and a message to Texas that his commitment will need to be earned on his official visit.  There are proud male egos involved and he doesn't want to be perceived as following anyone. Texas will have to earn his commitment honestly.  And given a TCU program with a proven track record of developing DTs with his body type and a LSU program that pipelines DTs into the NFL, Charlie better bring his A game.