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LB Cameron Hampton Transfers To Lamar

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The redshirt freshman will finish out his college career at Lamar.  We shouldn't be particularly surprised - Hampton was an athletic project more than a linebacker and unless he could demonstrate some growth in the finer points of recognition and gain good weight, there was little chance he'd see the field at Texas.  Throw in the track record of DISD athletes (in the future, will Strong be better at managing this than previous regimes?) occasionally struggling to make the college transition and this may have been fait accompli.

His departure - along with graduating seniors Jordan Hicks, Demarco Cobbs, Steve Edmond & Tevin Jackson - means a shallow 2015 LB depth chart and plenty of opportunity for incoming freshmen to channel their inner Derrick Johnson. Given that the Horns are committed to a nickel defense, the days of carrying 10-12 linebackers on the roster may be over anyway.

Good luck, Cameron.