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2015 Texas Football Recruiting: Miami Area DB Davante Davis Will Commit January 1st - FSU vs. Texas

The big DB will choose between his home state Noles and the Longhorns.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This tweet tells you all you need to know:

24-7's Crystal Ball projections favor FSU heavily, but there's reason to believe that Charlie Strong made a favorable impression on young Davis late in the process and we're legitimately in the running.  Davis is a 6-2, 200 pound DB from South Florida powerhouse Booker T Washington (3 consecutive state titles) and considered a consensus four star recruit.  He's every bit that size and he's fully capable of playing safety or possibly even linebacker at the next level.

I like Davis' film (it was shot on 8mm from a hot air balloon) as it highlights his aggression, comfort near the line of scrimmage, natural ball skills and ability to cover ground in a football game despite possessing unremarkable straight line speed.  There are some aspects of his game that are very similar to Longhorn freshman phenom Jason Hall.

With Kris Boyd, Holton Hill and Tim Irvin still available (Texas is favored or heavily in the running for each of the three), and Deshon Elliott already in the fold, the Longhorns have the potential to finish out with an absolutely elite 2015 defensive back class that combines the best of Texas and Florida flavor.  This staff will take every one of them if they'd like to come - we'll figure out the numbers later.

If you haven't already noticed, this 2015 class has the potential for a big late close.  But recruiting isn't horseshoes or hand grenades - first place and a signature on the line that is dotted is the only thing that matters.  Second place gets a set of steak knives.

Finish skrong, Strong.