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2014 Texas Longhorns Football Recruiting: Sweating National Signing Day

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The Longhorns are sweating out the final days.

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National Signing Day is on Wednesday and the Longhorns are sweating last moment decisions from players who were previously committed and from those still undecided.  I'll go through the class after signing day, but you probably already know I've been generally unimpressed with what the previous staff did aside from a handful of bright spots and a few interesting developmental possibilities.  Particularly given what was available at several key positions.

If that staff didn't think they were on the way out, they certainly recruited that way.

Additionally, Brown did little to help Charlie Strong in his final week as head coach when he used all of the Texas official visits and in-homes before and during banquet week.  Did he want to make himself scarce to make relieving him (which wasn't going to happen over the phone) as difficult as possible?  Nor did Patterson have the foresight to ground him to prevent frittering away valuable resources. There are also some pretty compelling accounts that Brown's announcement to the recruits about his firing resignation wasn't done with the best interests of Texas in mind and may have sparked the desire for some to revisit their recruitment.

Water under the bridge, I guess.

Here's a brief recap of where we stand.

Current Texas oral commitments

Sione Teuhema

Sione is one of the three star recruits that I like.  He has a big frame, moves well laterally and projects to a number of positions.  The added bonus is that younger brother, Maea, a 2015 OL prospect, is considered the best OL prospect in Texas and one of the elite prospects in the nation.  Unfortunately, Sione took a visit to OSU and both brothers recently visited LSU.  There's also some speculation about the new role in the recruitment of some members of the Teuhema's family vs. their legal guardian.

"There's always an uncle..."

Many believe LSU now has the inside track.

John Bonney

The safety prospect visited Baylor and Auburn.  No one has a particularly good read on where things stand right now with Bonney.  I've only seen limited film and have no educated opinion of him.  It is shocking that he is widely considered the best Longhorn DB prospect given the dozen or so players in-state with better reputations.

Lorenzo Joe

The dual threat QB projects to college WR and he's one of the better players in the 2014 class based on pure athletic ability.  Joe took a visit to TCU last week.

He's still expected to sign with Texas.

Armanti and D'onta Foreman

The Foreman brothers were slated to take a visit to Mizzou, but canceled and have reconfirmed their commitment to Texas.

On the positive side, other key recruits like Heard, Freeman, Roberson, & Catalon are firmly committed.


Poona Ford

The stubby DT from South Carolina is a fascinating prospect.  Cat quick, immensely powerful, and possessed of a relentless motor, Ford is also under 6 feet tall.  If he were 6-2, he'd unquestionably be a Top 100 national recruit.  He has a number of attributes that may compensate for his lack of height that I'll break down for you (he's basically a physical freak - a 6-4 guy who was condensed in a trash compactor) if we sign him and I think he's an essential get for Texas.  He has a good relationship with Strong and his staff and I expect that to count in the final days.

He will decide on Signing Day between Texas, Mizzou, and Purdue.

Elijah Rodriquez

The late blooming OL prospect from Houston is a legitimate 6-6, 280 and is just growing into his body and discovering his abilities. He committed to Colorado, which got on him early - and he's now forced to decide between a late-coming Texas (where he has family roots) and a Buff staff that has been with him from the start.

He's a pure Joe Wickline project.

Chris Nelson

The DT from Florida is a marginal three star prospect mostly because he can look alternatively dominant and stiff and sluggish in back-to-back clips.  Originally a Louisville commitment, he drove to Texas from Florida for his visit and the Longhorns made an impression.

I have zero read on this recruitment, but Texas is by far the best program currently offering him.  Given that his other offers are UCF and USF, I wonder if academics are an issue.

Arrion Springs

The physically gifted Oregon commit DB from SA Roosevelt made a visit to Texas recently. It feels like a visit where Strong was able to convince him that he owed it to himself to give the local option under new management a look before committing to the trek to Eugene.

Unless Springs was completely blown away, he'll be a Duck.


Should be an interesting national signing day.  We'll track it live here and I'll do an evaluation of the class in the days following.