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Texas Longhorn Football Loses Two More - Bryant Jackson & Aaron Benson


WR Bryant Jackson decided to end his Longhorn career with a medical scholarship (joining Josh Cochran and Garrett Greenlea) and LB Aaron Benson decided to graduate.

The former DB-turned-WR Jackson missed his entire junior season with a serious foot injury and he finishes his Longhorn career with 9 catches for 141 yards.

Aaron Benson was a well regarded high school prospect who was reputed to enjoy the campus experience a bit more than football.  He never had more than one tackle in a game in reserve spot duty.  However, he leaves with a UT degree and all that could allow for his future.

In combination with the earlier dismissals of Leroy Scott and Chet Moss, the Longhorns are steadily trending towards less than 85 roster scholarships when the freshmen report.  If you're worried about that number, don't be.  I wouldn't be surprised to see us well under.