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Longhorn Network to be on DISH

Disney announced Monday that they reached a long term agreement with DISH-and that means the Longhorn Network will be available to their 14+ million subscribers.

Erich Schlegel

Disney and DISH have reached a long-term distribution agreement across all video platforms -- and that means the Longhorn Network adds DISH's almost 15 million homes as potential customers.

The distribution agreement is highlighted by expanded content across all platforms -- TV, ipads, computers, smart phones, or gaming consoles -- for DISH customers.

ESPN has been a leader in the industry at streaming content across all kinds of video outputs, and President John Skipper sees this deal as the next step.

"Together, we are adding value to the traditional video subscription by making great content accessible across platforms and delivering new products, including our WatchESPN authenticated networks, the highly anticipated launch of the SEC ESPN Network, expanded distribution for Longhorn Network, and a reimagined ESPN Classic video-on-demand channel.  At the same time, we are creating opportunities to add new subscribers and introducing the value of a multichannel subscription to a small subset of broadband-only consumers."

Disney bundled all its channels together to push for this agreement, including the SEC Network, which debuts in August.

With DISH now on board, the biggest dominos yet to fall are DirecTV (38 million customers) and Comcast, which, if their purchase of Time Warner Cable goes through, will oversee 30 million subscribers.