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2015 Texas Football Recruiting: Converse Judson DB Keivon Ramsey Scouting Report

Texas lands another 2015 commitment.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Keivon Ramsey committed to Charlie Strong and the Longhorns at the Spring game.

Ramsey also had offers from LSU, OU and TCU.

Rated a 4 star by 24-7 and a 3 star by Rivals (and I'm siding with 24-7 on this one and it's not because I'm a homer - read on), Ramsey is starting to fit a common profile of Strong recruits - skinny guys with good frames who haven't filled out that show a lot of motor and love contact.  In the many variations of 3 star available (early bloomer, program factory stat monster, dominant one trait athlete, the other sport convert), mean athletic skinny guy tends to be my favorite.  Last time I checked, weights and meals are not in short supply for scholarship football players.  Or high school juniors.

Ramsey is a long, lean athlete with good wingspan, excellent quickness and fairly unremarkable straight line speed. However, he plays really fast. In my experience, that's not something that diminishes as the competition gets better. That's a function of quickness, recognition and a maniacal desire to knock someone out.  Look at how he fills the alley.  He relishes contact and most of his highlights feature him decisively covering a lot of ground on the most efficient vector possible to cause trouble on the other end.

Can't be taught.


Ramsey has springs in his hips and ankles. Despite lacking prototypical safety size - yet (he has a young Aaron Ross frame), he uncoils on people and uses the same springiness and good instincts to make himself a wide-ranging nuisance in the passing game.

At 2:59, see if you can figure out why they highlighted the FB before the play.  Yeah.  That will turn the RB back inside.  For an impressive twist on a similar play, go to 3:29 and look at how he uses pure quickness to cheat under the block instead of wasting himself on the blocker.  Go to 3:47 now.  Same premise.  He has that entire short side boundary all by his lonesome when the Judson DE crashes and the playside LB gets tar in his shoes.  Ramsey turns what should be a sure big play into a negative play.  That offensive coordinator screamed Ramsey's name like Kirk yelling KHAAAAAN!

In coverage, I see a lot of sophisticated things from him with respect to what he ignores, where he keeps his eyes and how quickly he figures out what's happening in front of him: see 6:30 and watch the break on the ball; 7:51 he knows where the ball is headed about the time the QB releases it.

Recruiting is about the art of projection.  It doesn't take a very fertile imagination to project Ramsey three years from now.  In fact, if you don't see it, I'm honestly puzzled.  When the faults of a recruit will be addressed by simple maturation, meals and a weight room, this is what is known as a take.