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The Texas Longhorns Don't Have A Football Player Taken in the 2014 NFL Draft

Mack Brown's final shit sandwich to the Texas Longhorns.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks for the help with that dream, Coach Brown.

The NFL's 32 teams just had a lengthy vote that lasted for 7 rounds.  256 votes were placed on the record.

Their referendum?

To determine whether the Texas Longhorns ran a garbage program under Mack Brown over the last four years.

The motion passed unanimously.

For the first time since 1937, the Texas Longhorns didn't have a single player drafted.

Texas was just one of five schools in FBS to suffer that fate.  There are 120 FBS schools, mind you.  Basically, if you have 85 scholarships to give, no matter how awful your program, you can develop a NFL player or two.  Apparently not at Texas.

According to every NFL GM, scout and football man, the post-MNC berth Mack Brown recruiting and development regime produced a group of horrifically coached, poorly developed football players unsuitable for a NFL locker room.

No player even worth a flyer.

If you don't think there was a Mack Brown regime program markdown that impacted every draft eligible Longhorn, I don't know what to tell you.  Many of these same players, at different schools or with different coaches, would have been drafted.  I can assure you of that.

The state of Texas, as usual, produced a couple of dozen draft choices.  They were fortunate enough to bypass the state's flagship led by a ghost ship coaching staff.

Encouragingly, Charlie Strong's first true homegrown Louisville class had three players drafted in the 1st round. They included: an unexceptional NFL measurement QB with good accuracy and leadership, a converted QB to DE pass rusher and an undersized hard-nosed safety drafted more for his attitude and physicality than outstanding physical attributes.  Not a Jadeveon Clowney in the bunch.

It's called development.

This was achieved at a basketball commuter school that belongs to a conference I have to Google to call it by its correct name in a state where football ranks well behind basketball and horse racing in fan fervor.

I'll spare you a comparison of the resources Texas has at its disposal.  The last regime was flat out stealing money. What a disgraceful desinence.

If they cared so much about the "kids", maybe they should have prepared them for their dreams.

Or graduated them.


Take us out with some inanity, Mack...