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Top Reality TV Show: Real Draft Choices of the NFL

The NFL moved its draft back two weeks into May in hopes of generating more interest, and boy did they.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL continues to be the strongest TV franchise out there.

With the draft moved back from April to May, the telecasts of the NFL's first round on ESPN and the NFL Network drew a combined overnight rating of 8.7.

Later this weekend that rating should translate into almost 14 million viewers when the final numbers are announced.

ESPN pulled a 6.8 overnight rating, while the NFL network posted a 1.9 mark.  It didn't hurt that Johnny Manziel lasted late into the first round, as we were treated to all those shots of Johnny Football hydrating while the talking heads kept the Manziel watch alive.

To put the number into perspective, there were 35 bowl games this past collegiate season, and the draft pulled more viewers than 32 of them.

The NFL dominated social media as well with the league being mentioned in over 6 million tweets during the telecast - and Manziel being mentioned in 20% of those.

Ratings peaked at 8.0 during the 15 minutes the Dallas Cowboys were on the clock. I guess the idea of Jerry Jones taking Johnny Football was compelling TV.

Naturally Cleveland had the highest overnight rating at 13.0.

The next two highest rated markets?

Houston (11.6) and Austin (11.3)