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Brian Davis ruled ineligible as associate athletic director for academic concerns for Texas Longhorns Football


Ronald Martinez

So sayeth The Finger and The Namesake.

Davis, who has been kicked around here for years did manage to do well this last time around.

Davis’ sole responsibility was overseeing the football team’s academic affairs. The Longhorns’ perfect APR score meant that of the 85 scholarship players, every one of them remained eligible, advanced toward their degree and stayed in good academic standing under coach Mack Brown. Heading into the 2013 season, not a single player was on scholastic probation.

Texas was one of only two major football schools in the nation that posted a perfect 1,000 APR.

Who was the other school with the perfect APR?

In May, the Cardinals were honored the same as the Longhorns for having a 1,000 APR during the 2012-13 season when Strong was the coach there.


Seems like Brian was mad that Randa got the head gig and started tossing throw pillows.

I admit I was surpised to recently see Charlie tweeting out a piece that so heavily featured BD as the architect of success.

Let's get these kids to class and teach them how to tackle.