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Charlie Strong set fire to a coaching clinic and then laughed about it!

Not really.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Been a bit buried on some stuff but just wanted to put something up for the Carnival faithful to discuss.

Story starts here:

Charlie Strong's poor first impression

Part of the intrigue stemmed from the perception -- held by many of his peers and even those who know him well –- that Strong is something of an introvert, and that the social aspect of the UT job might not be his, ahem, strong suit.

Those in attendance didn't seem impressed by Strong’s time on the stage. Maybe it was coincidence, but someone let out a loud laugh just as Strong wrapped.

"I think everyone was shocked. It was that bad," one coach told me later.

"It made me miss Mack," one joked.

Another: "If I was the coach at Texas, I would act like I had bigger balls than that."


Charlie Strong doesn't strike me as a guy lacking in balls but whatever. The author of the piece is Travis Haney, whose bio reads:

Travis Haney joined ESPN in April 2012 as Insider's national college football writer. He previously covered the University of Oklahoma Sooners for The (Oklahoma City) Oklahoman for one season...

But wait, intrepid Longhorn reporter Jeff Howe caught up with one of the guys who runs the clinic who says Travis Haney snuck in and is full of shit.

Click the link and read.

Ah, offseason. John Paul Young, who didn't play bass for Led Zeppelin, is a bit nonplussed by the whole thing.

"It's totally shocking to us that anybody would do such a thing," Young said. "It's criminal what they've done. They're either putting words in people's mouths or people are flat making it up."

Sumlin is recruiting lights out and they just built a bigger stadium TV than we have, so people are getting a bit hysterical.

We've been over the notion that Charlie Strong ISN'T Mack Brown quite a few times. There are some who are worried about that. I personally couldn't be any more NOT worried about that than I am. I've tried. The guy seems driven, passionate, competent and very sure of himself.

I'll let him buy some groceries and make his own meal for a few years before I make any sort of judgments.

Thought I'd toss this story up for comments.

It's July. The last month of 2014 with no college football activity. Let's ride.