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Three More Longhorn Football Players - Estelle, Harrison, Johnson - Face Suspension, According to Chip Brown

That's Daje Johnson, Kennedy Estelle and Desmond Harrison.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If those three fall through the thin ice, David Ash's ability to stay upright and healthy goes to the Not Likely column and the Longhorns are looking at the potential for a 6-6 style smoking crater of a season.

Here's Chip:

"Those three still have a chance," one source told HD.But it appears Texas coach Charlie Strong is not turning back on dismissals to senior running back Joe Bergeron, senior safety Josh Turner, backup safetyChevoski Collins and backup running back Jalen Overstreet, multiple sources told HD.When asked for comment, Texas officials will not confirm or deny any of the disciplinary action. Nothing has been made official by Texas or Strong. HD reported last week that a random drug test was recently administered to a group of players on the team.

It’s unclear how much of the discipline handed out by Strong in the last week - the four dismissals (Bergeron, Turner, Collins and Overstreet) and possible suspensions to Johnson, Harrison and Estelle - are tied to that drug test.  Sources said all of the players in question were told that Strong was watching them closely dating back to February, when they were part of a group pulled aside and told that their attitude and/or behavior had to change.

As part of that conversation, players were told they’d be subject to more random drug tests, sources said.  At Texas, the policy for failed drug tests is as follows:

First failed test – the athletic director notifies the student-athlete without the coach knowing.

Second failed drug test – the coach and parents are notified.

Third failed drug test – discipline, including dismissal from the team, can be administered.

You can lead a horse from bong water, but you can't make him think.