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Texas Longhorns Catcher Tres Barrera wins Home Run Derby

Longhorns Love the Long Ball

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Tres brought his boomstick
Tres brought his boomstick
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tres Barrera won the College Home Run Derby Thursday night, beating Eric Gutierrez of Texas Tech in the final round. Barrera qualified for the finals by hitting 11 homers in the 1st round and 5 more in the 2nd round before going ballistic with 25 home runs in the finals. That was enough to beat Gutierrez's 18 homers in the finals, and was arguably the first time anyone referred to a Texas hitter as 'powerful' this season in a non-ironic manner. Barrera's 41 homers is particularly impressive in a ballpark where moon shots were nearly non-existent throughout the College World Series.