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Desmond Harrison, Daje Johnson & Josh Turner will miss North Texas - And What Else?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

All three Longhorns flirted with outright dismissal during the offseason, but they've all cleaned up their acts sufficiently to have solid camps and remain with the Longhorn football team.  Daje Johnson was praised for his playmaking, Harrison took huge strides when Wickline placed him at right tackle (although the mental part of the game during game action remains to be seen) and Josh Turner had been running with the 1st team defense before his suspension.

Charlie Strong revealed in his Monday press conference that all three would miss the game against North Texas, but refused to speculate on how long those suspensions would last or if they're different for each player.

The takeaway?  These suspensions are contingent on on-going behavior and buy-in.  Pouting, backsliding or more problems will mean an extension of suspension or even dismissal.  Strong was already burned by Joe Bergeron when he commented on his growth during the summer, only to have new information brought to light in July that affirmed that Bergeron's progress and buy-in was illusory.

Strong isn't getting burned again.  So you'll know these guys are playing when Strong is good and ready.