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Day 3 Longhorn Fall Camp Notes - Texas Coaches living in the dorms with players

Charlie Strong's press conference was brief but informative.

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Coaches in Bunk Beds

The most interesting fact revealed in Strong's press conference is that the entire Texas coaching staff is staying in the dorm rooms with the players for the duration of Fall camp.  Including Strong himself.  Two beds per room, bathroom down the hall.  From the beginning, Strong has promised a unified, tight family approach that embraces togetherness, fights complacency and removes artificial divisions of privilege.  He's certainly walking the walk with his coaching staff.  The players have to be getting the message.

Some may think this is bush league - I think it's fantastic.


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Jaxon Shipley's hamstring tweak banishes him to the Pit.  Strong offered no timelines, but mentioned that this has happened with Jaxon before.

Sheroid Evans is limited in practice, but practicing.

Deoundrei Davis is not practicing, still feeling the effects of his knee problems.

Marcus Johnson practiced, back from a nasal surgery to help his breathing.

Random Intel

Freshman John Bonney is currently working at CB.  He has the hips for it and it's a way to get him in the depth chart without worrying about the physicality of playing safety.

Strong had high praise for Junior DT Hassan Ridgeway, citing his strength and ability to pass rush from the interior. Strong has nicknamed him "Green Mile."

Kent Perkins is the strongest Longhorn on the team.  When he was a recruit, my hopeful projected upside for him was Justin Blalock.  If he can demonstrate Justin's sweet feet in addition to that strength, he's a 10 year NFL player.

Dylan Haines is still running with the 1s at safety.