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An Attempt At A Kansas Football Scouting Report

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Jayhawks are 2-1 on the season, bursting with confidence like their head coach's stomach staples after he downs an entire pot roast mounted on a corn cob.  Take that duodenum!

Weis is 6-21 at KU, but 2-1 reverses that trend line sharply!  From 4-20 to 2-1 is one of the great turnarounds in college football history!  Suck it, Bill Snyder.

The Jayhawks beat Southeast Missouri State 34-28 in their season opener, were crushed by Duke 41-3 and took down Central Michigan 24-10.  The Duke loss could easily be chalked up to nerves - road test, ACC opponent, a raucous crowd of 24,000.  Duke had a player rush 12 times for 245 yards.  What defense doesn't give up a few 60 yard runs here and there?  - asked Texas every time they play Taysom Hill.

More crucially, Kansas won their bounce back at home and wore this uniform in a sanctioned college football game:


I had no idea Warner Brothers had a football team.  What channels a young man's aggression more than a massive cartoon bird with a leering countenance?  Every time our ball carriers are chased, they can pretend they're being pursued by a particularly colorful, savage form of inquisitive emu.

They are ranked 91st in overall S+P according to Football Outsiders (we're a smooth a #58).


Lots of bubble screens, short passes, rolling pockets and quick drops in combination with zone reads, fly sweep etc.  A fairly standard spread mix, but a lot of things that have given our defense some issues when our LBs break down or Bedford goes into crazy blitz mode.  If Texas plays disciplined defense, a dominant effort is very possible.  If we don't honor assignments, I have zero doubt KU can make a little hay.

Montell Cozart is their fabulously named QB and he's mobile, not very accurate and he lit up SE Missouri State but good (3 TDS).  He has a modest 118 passer rating, largely on his other efforts.  We need to contain.  Don't give Edmond spy responsibility.  Play some zone, get eyes on the QB, punish and cause turnovers.

Tony Pierson is no joke.  The RB turned WR turned RB turned WR is a legitimate weapon, a damn good football player and fortunately tends to be underutilized due to his size and his desire to score touchdowns.  The Jayhawks are tanking for the draft and he hasn't gotten the memo.  Really good player - quick as hell and in-pads speed.

Their TE is Jimmay Mundine.  I don't mean his name is Jimmy and I'm writing it as we might pronounce it.  I mean his name is Jimmay.  Anfernee Hardaway's mother sends her respect to Mrs. Mundine.  He's actually fairly good.

I don't know much about their OL as it would require me to watch one of their games with some degree of concentration.  I'm not going to do that for you.  And you have no right to ask it of me.  Here's a fact: they've given up six sacks this year.  Sacks are bad.


They're base nickel with an undersized DL that will stunt and slant against our inexperienced OL and hope to get Texas behind the chains early.  I don't think they'll deviate much from BYU or UCLA's defensive game plan of surrendering some easy stuff in front of their secondary to prevent big plays.  We'll have to force the action with our running game or by giving the Swoopes the chance to work through some progressions.

They have a safety named Fish Smithson who has a brother named Shaky. True story.

Ben Heeney is a pretty good LB.

They struggle getting pressure and aren't brimming with speed.

We're sort of broken on offense - KU will give us a good chance to understand how much.


Kansas isn't good.  The question is: can we be?