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Charlie Strong Monday Press Conference - Baylor Week

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A live blog of Charlie's take on last Saturday and this week against Baylor.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Strong was about as candid as it gets.  Particularly on the offense.

  • Baylor generates points like a video game
  • We'll have to play above our heads to get it done
  • We can take pressure off of our OL with the passing game
  • We're a 14 point underdog.  At home
  • Baylor is winning outside - Petty let's it go quickly and the receivers have excellent speed
  • Charlie offered no update on Daje or Desmond
  • Losing Espinosa and Ash together was the critical blow to the offense
  • Perkins is not a natural tackle - playing there because he has to
  • The RBs can't get it going because we're not winning up front.  We're not always getting a body on defenders
  • Baylor can't be matched score for score.  The defense has to be resilient - can't allow a big play to allow another big play
  • Have to deny either the run or pass - if Baylor can do both, it's over
  • Petty's strength is that he doesn't take sacks and knows exactly where to go with the ball - reminds Charlie of Danny Wuerffel
  • Sometimes Baylor's backside receivers barely even run routes - they rest and wait to get their number called the next time
  • Our issue on offense is not what we're running.  Our issue is the personnel running it
  • Baylor doesn't play down to their level of competition - they blow them out
  • We blew the speed options because we didn't check to the correct side of the field (Swoopes)
  • Baylor runs the same plays over and over if you show you can't stop it
  • Strong spoke with the NFL reps about character development.  The NFL is getting some players with bad character and then they're giving them a bunch of money.  That's a bad combo.  All players seek discipline and order - if you protect the bad 5%, you lose respect from the good 95%
  • Offense has to win on 1st down.  Baylor has 18 sacks
  • In-state recruiting - some guys who still haven't decided - we just need to close out
  • Caleb Bluiett is an unbelievable athlete - well-suited to hybrid DE/OLB role
  • We have to throw the ball deep. DBs are sitting down on routes.  We had three open shots Saturday
  • Swoopes is flushing when he has no reason to flush
  • Jordan Hicks is playing extremely hard - clearly the leader of the front 7.  Indispensable player