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WR John Burt Decommits (We Think)

The former Longhorn pledge from Florida is likely Auburn-bound.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As Scipio has repeatedly referenced, 4-star wideout John Burt's commitment to Texas had waned over the past couple of months to the point where it was almost purely theoretical.  Burt apparently pulled the trigger last night, informing the coaching staff that he was no longer planning on coming to Austin.

While Burt's announcement had likely been anticipated by the staff, it's nice to make things official so that we're clear on numbers and can make concrete plans around a potential replacement.  Speedy slot-type Ryan Newsome looks to be deciding between Texas and Tennessee come January 23rd, but a big outside type like Carlos Strickland (currently committed to Tech but potentially in play) or Damarkus Lodge (a chimera unless we bring Darrell Wyatt back into the fold) would serve as a much more direct replacement for Burt's skill set.

Let's wish Burt well at (likely) Auburn and thank him for clearing up the picture now rather than making us wait on a hat dance.

UPDATE:  Per his Twitter:

@burticus21: Everyone calm down, I'm still evaluating

It sounds like this may not be a totally done deal just yet.  Still pretty tough to see him ending up in Austin but...I guess who knows?