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Halftime Breakdown: Texas- 14, Oklahoma- 3

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Horns are thoroughly whipping the Sooners through one half of play.  They've been more physical, more fundamental and #13 is making good decisions.

Can it hold?

The key will be how each offense adjusts.  Both defenses have played their cards and their respective vulnerabilities and strengths have been highlighted.  Texas is going to bring relentless pressure and the Sooners are finally adjusting to the Texas misdirection game by rolling up extra men and simplifying their run fits.

The Texas offense killed OU early with misdirection and surprisingly good OL play at the point of attack (as I've written several times, the Mike Stoops reboot has been terrible game planning in the Red River Shootout 2.5 years running - a contrast to the early 00's) but the Longhorns turtled up in the second quarter on our end of the field.  While running out the clock to end the half was perfectly good football, the three prior possessions were a bit overly conservative.  It's understandable to try to put Heard and the offense in favorable situations, but the whole reason you run the ball is to take opportunistic shots.

The key now is exploiting the Sooner D off of that misdirection with some play action and going after the Sooners' #2 replacement CB while avoiding Zack Sanchez (unless he's on an island with zero safety help).  If you can prevent negative plays, OU's D is quite poor.  And, at times, schematically unsound.


The Sooner offense has been confounded by weak OL play, a strange unwillingness to run the ball to exploit our junk defenses (we've brought a CB blitz on at least a dozen snaps) and Baker Mayfield proving to be fairly ordinary from the pocket.  He missed on two open throws in the end zone and he's not getting past his 1st or 2nd read.  The Texas DBs have also been largely impressive in single coverage.

John Bonney has hurt Texas with two defensive holding penalties, but otherwise the defense has played nearly flawless football.

The game will be decided by which offense can make adjustments.  Our lead is fairly meaningless right now - we have to play the game as if it's tied.  Our lead isn't relevant to game strategy right now.

What say you?