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Texas Does NOT Hire Sterlin Gilbert

There aren't really words.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Per basically everyone at this point, but initially coming down from some sources in Oklahoma and confirmed by Gerry Hamilton:

At this point there's a cavalcade of chaos out there in trying to confirm:

- Exactly what the nature, terms and language were around the contract that was offered

- Where the breakdown in understanding occurred between Gilbert, the party or parties who offered the contract, and the Board of Regents who ultimately had to approve all aspects of said contract

- Whether a contract was offered AT ALL

What seems clear right now is that anyone who put their name behind the notion of unconditional support for Charlie Strong through at least the 2016 season looks like a fool or a liar.

I guess that list includes me, since I bought into the notion that the Texas administration had the wherewithal to offer the support that it publicly promised.

Nobis60, avowed fool, right here.

Now what does that make some other folks?