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PJ Locke To Texas - Charlie Strong Flips Him From Oregon

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Several sources (props to 24-7) are now reporting that Texas has flipped Oregon DB commit PJ Locke on the eve of National Signing Day and he'll make it official at 9:00am CST tomorrow.  Locke is a good student and a natural college nickel with great change of direction and a strong desire to punish the ball carrier.  He has a lot of impressive highlights, but look at 6:16 for a motor check.  Seems like an ordinary play, but it's revealing.  Don't think of him as replacing Jamile Johnson - he's the piece that's going to replace Tim Irvin.

I like that he hails from the Golden Triangle where football players tend to be just little bit hungrier and a little less self-satisfied than some of the traditional powerhouses.

I may have my critiques here and there of Strong's initial moves in recruiting Texas, but this cat works 'til there's 0:00 on the clock.