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Texas Longhorns vs. Baylor Bears Basketball Preview

Scott Drew looks to deliver the knockout punch.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

A(nother) de facto NCAA Tournament elimination game for the Texas Longhorns. If you still care about Texas basketball, you probably have all the feels like this:


The season has continued to spiral down to the point that I'm somewhat surprised no intrepid photoshopper has replicated Mack Brown's emo bangs cut on Rick Barnes. Oh, this is also Jonathan Holmes' senior night, so kudos to him for winning the Jack Shepherd Memorial Award for last man standing from the catastrophic class of 2011 island.

Texas has two games left to get to (shudder) 8-10 in conference and a puncher's chance at an NCAA Tournament bid. A 7-11 or 6-12 conference record has the Longhorns needing to win the Big 12 Tournament to get an automatic berth. It's only fitting that Barnes' coaching nemesis Scott Drew gets the chance to deliver the knockout punch.


G - Kenny Chery (5' 11", 180 lb)

G - Lester Medford (5 '10", 175 lb)

W - Royce O'Neale (6' 6", 215 lb)

F - Johnathan Motley (6' 9", 230 lb)

F - Rico Gathers (6' 8", 280 lb)

Key Reserves

W - Taurean Prince (6' 7", 215 lb)

G - Allerik Freeman (6' 3", 200 lb)

F - Deng Deng (6 '8", 205 lb)

W - Ish Wainright (6' 5", 200 lb)

More info on Baylor here.

The game you want to actively ignore broadcasts at 6 pm on ESPNU.