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Texas Longhorns Coaching Innuendo: Shaka's Fly Like Paper, Patterson's High Like Planes

Steve Patterson is on a jet plane to Richmond to meet with Smart face-to-face.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Shaka Smart is Steve Patterson's pick. We know that much. Patterson is reportedly en route to Richmond, Virginia today to meet with Smart. Patterson's hope is that all contract details get finalized and any concerns get allayed.

Texas-centric sites (HornsDigest, Hookem247) are very optimistic, with Friday (i.e., tomorrow) being bandied about as an official announcement day. Still, this is an "ink is dry" / "show me the press conference" thing. Smart has come thisclose to bolting VCU before, and Twitter is letting you know it.

Let's quickly address the blatant obscenities floating around the Internets. It's not worth it, Shaka. Plus, unfounded rumor has Patterson offering prime Erwin Center advertising real estate to Yellow Rose. Consider that, sir.

Oh, we're not talking about the Richmond cabaret scene? You mean the hatchet job from Oregon Live's John Canzano. I think BWG sufficiently addressed this on Twitter last night.

On the one hand, Canzano is not alone with an anti-Patterson sentiment (see the Chronicle's tongue-in-cheek "capitalism over tradition" take). On the other, this clearly screams national clickbait for a local news website. Let's move on.

Will Patterson bring Smart two trays of Franklin BBQ's finest as a token of good faith? Will Smart get jetsetted back to Austin-Bergstrom? Stay tuned.