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Texas Longhorns Basketball: New Charges of Academic Misconduct

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a new story about the conflict between academics and athletics at UT and it is not a good look for the University

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Chronicle of Higher Education has come out with an in-depth article that paints a picture of academic meddling on the behalf of basketball players at UT during the Rick Barnes Era.

The article looks at the specifics of cases concerning Martez Walker, J'Covan Brown and P.J. Tucker. Walker transferred out of Texas to Oakland University in Detroit after being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Both Brown and Tucker completed their eligibility at Texas and are playing professional basketball. Tucker is with the Phoenix Suns while Brown is playing overseas.

The stories range from cheating on tests, to having others do work for student athletes.

It paints a sadly familiar picture of major universities letting academically deficient players in and then pushing the limits of its policy on academic integrity as it has sought to keep the players eligible while improving  the departments academic records.

The University is conducting its own investigation into the allegations detailed in the article. Patricia C. Ohlendorf, vice president for legal affairs, would not comment, citing privacy concerns. But she indicated she had doubts about the claims involving Walker and Tucker and that  "we are comfortable with how matters were addressed."

Ms. Ohlendorf did say that the accusations of staff members helping write papers could involve NCAA violations and that the University will turn over its findings to the NCAA.