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2015 Big 12 Media Day: Quick Hitters From Charlie Strong's Press Conference

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Some quick hitters:

-  Camp starts August 6th.  Then it's a one month slog until kickoff in South Bend.

- Challenging schedule, we'll be tested often early.

- Our seniors have never had a double digit winning season

- Spoke about nine players being dismissed last year and how he never wants to dismiss any kid from the team.  They wanted to do things their way and it couldn't continue.  Every player was given multiple opportunities to change.  76 players did everything they were asked.

- The receivers have to come on.  Marcus Johnson and Daje Johnson need to step up.  It's now or never.  Strong teased Daje that he hasn't made a play for Texas since the punt return against OU.  He's right.  And that was in 2013. Warrick and Joe are progressing.  The players like Jay Norvell.  He's disciplined and thorough.

- Golson considered transferring to Texas.  Notre Dame blocked that transfer.  Strong said he can't fault them.

- Moorer saw more self-starters in the offseason program than last year.

- Strong missed the opportunity to call Kirk Bohls "Kurt."  Disappointing.

- Tyrone Swoopes is the starting QB going into fall camp.  Heard will have his shot.

- Strong is in favor of not allowing major incident "troubled" transfers into the Big 12 from other schools.  He's looking at you, Oklahoma.

-  Malik Jefferson is up around 240 now.  Holy moly.

- Strong said J Gray needs to have a big year.  I think Catalon will surprise with his versatility.

- Strong says Swoopes has had a lot said about him.  He wants to prove doubters wrong.  Strong hopes he does.


We're getting closer, people!