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Longhorn Football Still Waiting on Freshman Qualifiers

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The outlook is poor for WR Gilbert Johnson, who appears ready to enroll in something called Mars Hill University in North Carolina (a Div II school).  The tall WR had potential (the coaches were extremely high on his long term prospects), but this news would make him a two-time non-qualifier.  First, Georgia.  Now, Texas.

Du'Vonta Lampkin will probably be released from his LOI at some point.

On the positive front, reports continue to be cautiously optimistic around Devo Clarington and Buck Major.  They have until early September to clear and enroll. Given that one is waiting on a test score and the other core GPA and credit acceptance, I'm not sure how these reports have any basis.  Their eligibility is a yes/no proposition unless the NCAA pulls their passive aggressive make-someone-wait-a-year for the Clearinghouse act.

FWIW, continued positive offseason work out reports centered around Deandre McNeal at TE, Malik Jefferson (up to 240), John Burt and Connor Williams (could start in South Bend).   The freshmen DB class looks good, but pads and playing shifting coverages is another world entirely.