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Joe Wickline - Oklahoma State Trial Will Start During The 2015 Longhorn Football Season

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State's lawsuit against Joe Wickline is slated to start right in the middle of the Longhorn football season.

An Oklahoma judge has scheduled a pretrial conference for 9 a.m. on Oct. 23 in the contract dispute between Oklahoma State and UT offensive line coach Joe Wickline.

According to a scheduling order issued by Payne County district judge Stephen Kistler, witness lists are to be exchanged between both parties by Sept. 1. Discovery must be completed by Sept. 20. The jury trial is currently expected to last three days.

We play Kansas State on October 24th in Austin, by the way.  Could Steve Patterson have short-circuited this whole thing with a settlement?

Texas men’s athletic director Steve Patterson has been criticized for not settling with Holder. Patterson has maintained from the beginning this was an issue between Wickline and Oklahoma State. The university is not a named party in the lawsuit.

Apparently, Wickline and Strong just concocted this money-saving scheme on their own and Patterson had nothing to do with it?  Seems probable.  Got it.  Now our head coach gets deposed, our OL coach is on the hook financially and our most important position coach will be spending time during the season getting coached up by his attorneys and traveling to Oklahoma instead of building out the rubble of our offensive line.  Even if we win, we've lost.  And if we lose, we really lose.  Somehow, Patterson will see it as a victory that Wickline has to cover the bill.

Anyone want to loan me a crayon so I can explain cost-benefit analysis to our new AD?