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A Cal Golden Bear view of the Texas-California Football game

From California Golden Blogs...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an opponent match-up analysis of the Texas-Cal game from a writer at California Golden Blogs.  He predicts a Bear win in Austin and his rationale is totally defensible.  I'm not entirely sure we'll be the defensive powerhouse he portrays that early in the season, but it's possible we'll be formidable if the right guys step up and we answer some key questions at linebacker, defensive end and round out the secondary.

We dedicated a nice chunk to previewing this game in the 2015 Texas Football Prospectus and we noted many of the same match-ups.  If you haven't bought the preview yet, just know that Cal QB Jared Goff is a highly intelligent player who throws a great ball and he has a loaded group of proven receivers.  He's expected to the be the first QB taken in the 2016 NFL draft.

Cal's ability to run the ball will really be determined what we do with formation and personnel.  There's no question that Strong and Bedford will have to pick their poison in the Cal running or passing game and hope that Sonny Dykes pulls a Kliff Kingsbury and keeps throwing it every down irrespective of our personnel and formation.

Straight up shutting Cal down isn't going to happen.  Texas will need to force some turnovers, hold up in the red zone, turn touchdowns into field goals and generally scrap.

Oh yeah, and SwoopesHeardTreyHoltz better put up some points.  It's not like the Cal defense minds.