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Shawn Watson on the collaborative Texas Longhorns offense

It's almost as if a certain preseason publication predicted this....

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Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Shawn Watson had a press conference.  He's very good in Q&As and he's honest without throwing any of the players under the bus.  It was pretty standard stuff until some hack journalist asked him about the contributions of former OU WR coach Jay Norvell and spread stud Jeff Traylor:

On wide receivers coach Jay Norvell and tight ends/special teams coordinator Jeff Traylor: They've been absolutely awesome. We couldn't have done it without them. They've been great. They each bring a different background to the table. We all used it differently, and we've really, we've centered our thoughts. Our thoughts have been centered on our quarterback first. We've developed our system and the way we conduct ourselves on our quarterback first. Then we plug in the people around them to make sure we utilize their talents and skill sets and making match ups and using who we have. That all has added up to playing to our offensive line, and that's been fun.

You mean Traylor isn't just being brought here to coach TEs? What, what, what?

Then he added this:

We're playing really fast, and when you play fast it really simplifies the game because you're playing to the abilities of your athletes - the quarterback, the receivers, the tight ends, the backs. You're helping, you're aiding your offensive line because you minimize and numb up the defense. We've streamlined things. We're constantly evolving is the best way to put it. Where we started in the spring and where we're at today, plays are the same but the speed of how we play is different. We tweaked ourselves. We made ourselves more streamline - faster so that we can play faster. We minimized some of the things that were in our way. It's been really fun. I'm having a blast. I forgot everything that I knew for 34 years, and I'm having a blast. It stretched me. I think you as a coach, you've got to be willing to change. I come to work fired up. I can't wait to see what we can do next and how we can play off of it. It's been rejuvenated. It's been fun for me; it's been fun for the staff because we've put all of our hands in it together to develop the package.

You may now enter the weekend in a good mood.

And go buy this if you'd like some more insight into what he's talking about. There's like, specific articles about this and stuff.

Man, we've got certain information - alright?   It might not just be such a simple...ya know?