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Charlie Strong Press Conference Notes

Two weeks from South Bend.....

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Quick notes:

  • Offense played well in 3rd scrimmage after being dominated in scrimmage #2 on Wednesday
  • Beck is healthy and he and McNeal are holding down TE.  I believe Beck is the #1 TE right now, but it's clear there are big plans for DeAndre
  • McNeal is a big mismatch - most oversized WRs don't want to accept that they've grown out of their WR body and need years to come around on that fact. McNeal accepted it immediately
  • Ridgeway is back.  The coaches told him to just concentrate on running to the ball.  Ridgeway's back injury pretty much has him being treated as a NFL veteran in camp.  The coaches were smart to nurture him along
  • Tyrone Swoopes will take the first snap against Notre Dame.  Heard will play
  • Swoopes is trying to win the team in how he carries himself.  He's not throwing interceptions and his body language is better
  • Certain starters on the OL are Flowers, Doyle, Perkins.  Connor Williams is
  • Marcus Johnson, Armanti Foreman, Daje & Burt are our first four at WR
  • Gray didn't scrimmage today.  Nagging injuries but nothing serious
  • The DL has excellent depth.  We have a legit two and three deep
  • Santos hasn't practiced due to his injury
  • The three freshmen cornerbacks are long with great body control.  Very difficult to win jump balls against them
  • Antwuan Davis and Echols have both improved and are more focused with the increased level of competition
  • As we get more and more elite players into the program, that effect will occur at every position
  • Notre Dame specific preparation begins Monday
  • Notre Dame has only two night games this year - Texas and USC.  That tells you what games they have circled on the schedule
  • Peter Jinkens is a completely different player right now
  • Multiple upperclassmen have volunteered for special teams
  • The team has Sunday off


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