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Former DE Caleb Bluiett moved to TE

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This is an interesting, somewhat unexpected move, but it tells us a few likely things:

1.  Caleb isn't fully back from his knee injury.  We didn't expect he would be. You need confidence to put weight on joints at severe angles while rounding the corner with a 300 pounder pushing on you and I think Bluiett is missing some mobility and explosiveness in that task.  A more linear role could suit him.  Because that's how he'll be utilized at TE...

2.  The Longhorns don't have a hand on the ground TE with the size and tenacity to block a DE.  We also need a legit big body who can help our offensive tackles in pass protection at the LOS.  DeAndre McNeal can't stop a 265 pound college DE.  Caleb goes 6-4, 255+, has retained his basic strength and has some experience at the position previously. This makes sense.

3.  This also tells us that the coaches are happy with N. Hughes, Bryce Cottrell and Derrick Roberson.

4.  We're adopting a best 11 philosophy on either side of the ball. There's no use having #42 on the bench at Fox DE when he can help us at TE.


Blueitt is taking the move in stride.  I feel bad for the young man that an injury took him from a promising path at DE. Hopefully, he can grow at TE and be a contributor for us.